Here is what our Graduates think of our programs.

Knowing just Engineering is not enough when you want to be involved in making important decisions in a company. Knowledge and understanding of how management works, and what factors should be considered while making an informed decision, are equally important. Engineering Management teaches both.”

“As an engineer, I am already detail-oriented and analytical but MEM helped me be more strategic in my approach towards problem-solving. The program helped me understand the big picture and I was able to illustrate this to my colleagues and managers.”

“The (MEM) Program offered me a perfect blend of technical & business classes infused with real world projects & experiences that was invaluable in my search for a job post graduation. “

“.. the MEM program gave me the tools I needed to transition from an engineer into a leader, and be far more effective with the teams that I work with.

““I debated for more than a year about whether or not to pursue an MS or an MBA. The MEM degree had the benefits of both. I wanted to become a leader in a technical field. To do this I needed to understand the business side. That’s exactly what the MEM program provided.”

The MEM program provided an avenue for marrying my passions within engineering and business, which I leverage every day …”