Looking for tech leaders to drive your organization towards the future? Masters in Engineering Management students learn much more than business skills–they learn the language of business that advances innovation. By hiring MEM graduates, your organization benefits from having a pool of employees comfortable with both business and technology.

Why Hire a MEM Graduate?

Business & Tech Savvy

Our graduates bring technical depth to business decisions


Hands on experience leading cross functional teams

Data Driven Decision Making

Quantitative systems thinking

“MEM  graduate students are extraordinarily bright, hard working and ambitious. They are also well rounded and more articulate than most engineers…the people who possess the talents and skills of an MEM student will succeed rapidly …”

“The knowledge and skills this program provides are vital to young technology professionals. Business and leadership skills help graduates have immediate, significant impact..”

“IBM Microelectronics has hired…MEM grads because …with both strong engineering and business training, these engineers would be much more valuable than engineers with a pure engineering degree. …Virtually everything our engineers do, and every decision they make, has clear business impacts—sometimes huge business impacts. Having the global perspective provided by the MEM training is invaluable…”

Companies Who Have Hired MEMs