Career Paths

A Master’s in Engineering Management gives you the skills that fast-growing companies are looking for. By choosing a MEM degree program, you’re unlocking the door to career paths that may not be available to students with traditional MBAs. A Master’s in Engineering Management gives you the edge you need in a tech-driven world.

Train in Technology, Work in Technology



Alumni Employed in Technology

Top Industries

  • pharma and life sciences (17%)
  • computer hardware & software (14%)
  • defense & aerospace (26%)
  • civil & environmental and energy (7%)
  • other tech industries (26%)



Alumni Employed in Technology

Top Industries

  • finance & accounting (20%)
  • business or consumer products & services (20%)
  • government & non-profit (13%)
  • consulting (10%)

* Source: Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) 2014 Alumni Perspectives Survey Report.

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Job Titles

M.E.M. graduates have pursued a wide variety of careers, including:

First Year Post Graduation

  • Operations/Supply Chain Engineering
  • Systems Engineer/Architect
  • Project/Program Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Business/Financial/Data Analyst
  • Entrepreneur/Founder
  • Consultant (general, technical)
  • Technical Lead/Manager
  • Applications/Sales Engineer

10+ Years Post Graduation

  • VP/Director, Strategy, Product Management, Engineering, Systems Engineering, Program/Project Management, Operations, Development
  • Founder