Engineering Management Degree

Jump Start Your Career

Our world has changed significantly in the last decade and it will certainly change even more in the next decade. Technology now touches our lives almost every moment of every day. From the moment we wake up, to the moment we settle down to sleep — and almost every hour in between — technology is a part of almost every moment of our lives. That’s why one of our Master of Engineering Degrees is so important.

Are you prepared to be the tech savvy leader that boardrooms across the world are looking for?

Now we help fight disease and famine with technology. We’ve harnessed the power of wind and the sun with technology. And we’ve connectd with people across the globe through technology. In a world that relies on technology for so much, shouldn’t you be someone your company can rely on to leverage that technology?

Influence the right people

With the know-how you’ll learn, you’ll be able to influence the people that count

Find the right Job

Land the position you’re looking for at the company you’ve dreamed of working for

Get the Salary you’re looking for

With a MEM under your belt, you’ll be in a position to negotiate the salary you want

Launch your Career

Rise to the top of the organization with the skills that a MEM will give you

Discover how one of our MEM Degrees can help you. Contact us and we’ll help you find the programs and schools you need to succeed.

The Skills You Need to Succeed

A MEM degree gives you the business acumen in strategy, marketing, and finance much like an MBA degree, but it also allows you to leverage your technical background.

Launch your career with technology strategy, technology marketing, and technology finance. Add new product development, quantitative depth in supply chain, operations, and manufacturing to the skills you can offer to your dream employer.

Companies are looking for candidates that can help them usher a new era at their organization. Will you be the one they’re looking for?

In a recent survey, graduates reported that the following skills gained
from the M.E.M. program are key to their current success in industry:

Leadership & Organization

Problem Solving

Communication & Presentation

Data Analytics and Decision Making

“…Do not underestimate the power of an MEM degree! In our current world of connected devices, cars, homes, how can one argue against the power of not only understanding technology but having the skills to manage and lead teams…”

“The MEM Program offered me a perfect blend of technical & business classes infused with real world projects & experiences…”

“MEM helped me in my job. I was able to get a promotion in under 2 years …The skills I learned were crucial in getting me to this point in my career and at such an accelerated rate…”

“…the MEM gave me the tools I need to transition from an engineer into a leader, and be far more effective with teams…”