Design & Pitch Competition 2019

MEMPC presents the first Design & Pitch competition, organized by MEMPC students, for MEMPC students, to showcase the unique skills of engineering management graduate students.

MEM student teams of 3-4 have been challenged to design concepts and solutions to satisfy the energy needs of an emerging urban, innovative city “Utopia”, whose goal is to have 50% of its energy comes from sustainable sources by 2030.

The students are pitching these solutions to MEMC, a medium-sized energy solutions company looking to expand its products & solutions for urban cities and with a mission to be in the top 10 providers of innovative solutions in energy & distributed power by 2030.

From the 31 teams who registered to participate in this competition, one team from each MEMPC school will be selected to present their concept/solution & business plan in the final round being held at MIT.

If you are interested in being on the judging panel, sponsorship opportunities or just want to learn more about the competition, please send an email to,