Engineers who mean business
Master of Engineering Management Programs Consortium (MEMPC)

Why Study Engineering Management?

Student Why MEM The world is changing. With the challenges facing us on a global level (sustainability, health, environmental protection) there is a new need for companies and organizations to integrate technical and business skills to solve these difficult problems. MEM graduates can fill this gap.

In the complex, competitive world of technology driven industry, skilled engineers who understand the essential principles of business and law have a tremendous competitive advantage. MEM programs are meeting the demand for such professionals and are distinctive among engineering programs in their integration of business, law and engineering.

If you are interested in technology leadership or a career in industrial management, high technology management, R&D management or even technology entrepreneurship in a start-up company, an MEM degree may be the way to get started.

In short, the degree will jumpstart your career.

Benefits to graduates:

  • More influence in your organization
  • Greater job responsibility
  • Higher starting salary
  • Rapid career advancement

Why Students Did an MEM

"I realized there is still plenty to learn in the classroom and that I could integrate engineering and management, so here I am. The members of my cohort have impressive work experience, some spanning decades. Getting to know and work with them has been the most rewarding part of the program so far. I feel that I'm learning as much from my cohort as from my classes."
— Ali Almossawi

"For a good chunk of time, I was debating whether I should pursue a technical graduate degree or not. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the robust analytical and problem solving curriculum of my undergrad education, towards the end I felt that it was becoming too narrowly focused for my liking. The additional business classes I took enabled me to recognize some of the issues that go into commercializing innovation in the different fields of technology. The flexible program here not only lets me go in depth into a variety of technical topics in engineering, it enables me to develop practical business skills through core courses taught by business faculty and electives taken alongside MBA candidates. It is truly a customized program where someone with a technical background can tweak their graduate education to pursue careers in technical engineering, business consulting, and even finance. The collaboration with fellow students with different cultural backgrounds, technical training, and levels of work experience are invaluable in today's flat world. For me, these are reasons good enough to choose the program over a traditional technical master's degree."
— Weirong Jake Chang

"The program successfully integrates the skills necessary to succeed in the high tech world we live in today. When facing new challenges I always try to keep my eye on the bigger picture to understand not just how systems work but how they fit into other systems. The cross-disciplinary curriculum enables students to open their scope and understand many facets of an entire organization and their market. The flexibility of the program allows students to take classes in a variety of disciplines to improve our skill set in areas necessary for future success."
— John Engstrom

"While at Tsinghua University, I transferred majors from physics to electrical engineering, while also pursuing a degree in economics. Four years of interdisciplinary education makes me think deeply about what exactly my interests are. Then I found this program, the combination of engineering and business, which is the area I would love to step into after graduation. The curriculum of the program is so flexible, and several courses are taught by faculty from the business school."
— Yuli (Andy) Hu

"I've had a great experience working in early stage R&D at Boston Scientific, and my goal is to be more involved in bridging the gap between science and business. I didn't want to leave engineering because it's so important to maintain technical relevance. This made this program the perfect choice for me."
— Andrea Ippolito

"This program was a natural fit for me after I completed my undergraduate studies. The academic energy and passion here is a perfect complement to the community I had come to love, and the opportunity to supplement my engineering knowledge with world-class business and management courses was too good to pass up. Before entering the program, I spoke to friends in the program who all raved about the opportunities for team projects, the diverse backgrounds of their colleagues, and the strong industry connections that were available to them. The program has all of the features that I believe will make me successful and well-rounded once I transition into the professional workforce."
— Chris Johnson

"The program combines management and engineering, as well as the hard and the soft skills. It teaches you to connect the dots: from design and development (what's the problem? how can you leverage the technology?) to manufacturing, marketing, and branding."
— Blade Kotelly

"The program is very comprehensive in its course selection and prepares students well in an array of job industries. For me, the business classes provided a strong finance platform and necessary transition from my engineering background to the financial industry. For students who are undecided or deciding between a few industries, this program is very suitable as it provides the insights that will propel your decisions."
— Tiffany Lu

"This program is perfect for me. It combines cutting-edge engineering courses with modern business practices and is opening a new world of opportunities."
— Sergey Naumov

"With events that have occurred over the past few years, I began thinking about how improvements in technology can greatly help in the safety of people and resources. I realize that coming up with an idea is only the beginning, and that I must equip myself with the knowledge of integrating technology with business to know the viability of a product. It is for this reason that I decided to do this program, as I work towards my goal of being a techno-manager. Meeting people from diverse backgrounds here has given me a global outlook and I have certainly gained a lot by interacting with all students and faculty. I am glad to be a part of this vibrant atmosphere."
— Sampada Rajan