What is a Master of Engineering Management (MEM) Degree?

With the technological challenges facing us on a global level on all fronts, there is a critical need for companies and organizations to integrate tech skills with business acumen to solve these difficult problems. Master of Engineering Management Programs Consortium (MEMPC) graduates can fill this gap. Our consortium brings the right people to the right programs and the right students to the right jobs.

Technology Leadership

Develop the tech skills and business acumen you’ll need to succeed

Best Practices

Share best practices and learn what you need

Improved Engineering

Raise the stature of engineering management


Establish a network of students, faculty, and alumni

Outstanding Candidates

Find the candidates you’re looking for

Added Value to Your Degree

Raise awareness of the value of MEM to businesses and students alike

MEM vs MBA Degree Comparison

While MBA and MEM programs share some similarities in shaping capable leaders through a core curriculum in economics, marketing, and operations, students with MEM degrees are a better fit for today’s technology companies simply because an undergraduate degree in a STEM field is a prerequisite for admission. Since it’s not a prerequisite for an MBA, a majority of candidates graduate with a non-technical education.

In a world where technology touches almost all aspects of life and business, students with a MEM degree fit seamlessly into today’s high-tech companies that need tech-savvy leaders for data-driven decision making and innovation-driven global strategy and growth.