Find out what our MEM Graduates think of our programs.

“…Do not underestimate the power of an MEM degree! In our current world of connected devices, cars, homes, how can one argue against the power of not only understanding technology but having the skills to manage and lead teams…”

Jennifer W. MEM 2014

“The MEM Program offered me a perfect blend of technical & business classes infused with real world projects & experiences…”

Kamal M. MEM 2016

§  “MEM helped me in my job. I was able to get a promotion in under 2 years …The skills I learned were crucial in getting me to this point in my career and at such an accelerated rate…”

Max W. 2012

“…the MEM gave me the tools I need to transition from an engineer into a leader, and be far more effective with teams…”

Adam G. MEM 2014
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