“I learned how to look at value creation from an end-to-end, big picture perspective. At Microsoft, I was able to use that to improve Windows Server Enterprise Edition’s value proposition by leveraging my engineering experience and business knowledge, emphasizing synergies with products that enterprises already used.”

Vineet Thuvara ’06

“Finance, Accounting, Leadership and Organizational Behavior, among other classes, have given me a new business perspective needed in the technical managers’ world of today. My last class, Business Laboratory, was a great class that helped me to tie together concepts acquired during the program at MEM.”

Katy Lazaro Turner ’05

“If you are going to MANAGE some day, and you are choosing to manage in a science technology, or engineering company, the MEM is for you. It combines the best of both worlds.”

Marc Clay ’02

“My degree gives me a unique advantage because, thanks to my cohort and the program’s team-based projects, I’ve had exposure to many industries and the collaborative work environment.”

Trinidad Grange-Kyner ’08

“On the technical side, I can discuss systems integration, information management, and tools such as risk benefit analysis. In terms of management, I understand — and can discuss — finance, quality measurements, and process and materials flow. In terms of systems thinking, I can look at the entire process from a ‘big picture’ perspective and also drill down into specifics.”

Stephen Friedenthal ’04

“It wasn’t until the economy softened and my travel increased that I realized the value — MEM quickly became a tangible differentiating factor in my job seeking process. The diverse knowledge I gained helped me become an effective Enterprise Architect. It helps me every day to communicate the importance of IT for organizations to achieve operational efficiency and innovation.”

Tony John ’04

“The MEM degree began to help me do my job better from the first class that I took here. The relevance to my job was clear not only to me but to my co-workers. During my studies, I was able to apply many of the lessons that I learned from my classes. Now that I have completed my studies, I have taken on a new challenge with significantly more responsibilities with Praxair Corp. I look forward to taking on this challenge and am confident that my MEM experience will be a large contributor to my success.”

Rebeca Khorzad ’05

“The MEM Program brought me benefits at an early stage (of my studies) when I was awarded a contract for the redesign of some electronic equipment. My proposal was based on the NPV of the investment considering the risk of obsolescence because I had learned from my MEM courses that the importance of a product is not solely in the beauty of its technical design, but also in how much profit it will bring to the company. This project alone produced a very positive ROI from the MEM program.”

Eduardo Lopez Gil ’05

“My learning curve was shortened with the abilities I have learned in process management: absorb information, interpret it, and then get to performing.”

Ryan Wallace ’02

“The directors and managers in my organization see this education as a solid investment in my career and our company. It is another step in moving me to upper management.”

Kurt Thaus ’89

“Without the MEM degree, I would not have been considered for the management consulting position I now have. Iwould highly recommend this course to anybody.”

Rob Young ’02

“My MEM degree accelerated my career. Understanding price competition and position statements helped me deliver quicker and that mattered in what I am today.”

Andrew Gonce ’00

“MEM is a practical, pragmatic program that gave me a great sense of perspective. I got all the business essentials: a lot of breadth with just the right amount of depth to have an understanding of how all the pieces fit together. Now when I consider an issue I don’t just look at how to fix the immediate problem, I look for the root cause and consider the human element, the strategic implications, the effect on marketing and finance; I take a holistic approach. MEM was of great value to me and really bolstered my career.”

Marc Clay ’02

“Overall, I think the M.E.M. has provided me with a unique cornerstone for my career. It has opened numerous doors and allowed me to pursue many varied interests from general management consulting in a variety of industries to venture capital investing in early stage, high tech start-up companies. My uniquely broad engineering education combined with the essential business principles have been invaluable resources in evaluating the technical feasibility of new ideas, determining the extent to which it is possible to transform these ideas into marketable products and identifying opportunities within the marketplace that will foster successful growth of new companies.”

Jessica Duda ’99