Job opening

MEMPC Executive Director

The MEM Programs Consortium, a group of top universities advancing graduate education in Engineering Management to help technology companies build their leadership teams, is seeking a part time Executive Director to be the chief administrative officer for the organization.

Executive Director

As the first Executive Director for the MEMPC, the successful candidate will play a key role shaping the direction of the MEMPC reporting directly to the Executive Committee of the consortium.

Besides helping to plan, promote, and execute MEMPC programs and activities, the successful candidate will be the public spokesperson for the consortium, evangelizing the value and importance of engineering management among prospective students and employers, and nurturing the community of alumni, faculty, and corporate partners supporting the MEMPC cause.

Primary Responsibilities
As the chief administrative person for the MEMPC, under the guidance of the Executive Committee, the Executive Director will be responsible for all day to day activities of the consortium including:

  • Establishing the legal entity and independent financial accounts
  • Overseeing budget planning and tracking
    • Establish financial procedures for approval by Executive Committee
    • Operate as controller, tracking collection of all fees and dues, as well as all disbursements and payment
    • Generate periodic financial reports
  • Overseeing MEMPC meetings
    • Work with host universities to deliver two (2) in person consortium meetings per year
    • Manage, in collaboration with the host university, all meeting logistics (hotel reservations, meals, conference rooms, etc.) and manage, in collaboration with the Executive Committee, the meeting agenda.
    • Host consortium conference calls as directed by Executive Committee
  • Supporting Marketing sub-committee. As directed by the committee:
    • Oversee MEMPC web-site
    • Oversee updating and generation of content
    • Provide periodic web site analytics reports
    • Generate social media content
    • Initiate and generate digital and print media PR opportunities for MEMPC
    • Be the public spokesperson for MEMPC at conferences and events
  • Supporting Membership Committee as new members are vetted and brought on board

  • Supporting Alumni Committee. As directed by the committee:
    • Organize MEMPC alumni events to coincide with MEMPC meetings
    • Build MEMPC Alumni community, both digitally and physically
    • Implement new alumni programs
  • Supporting Corporate Relations Committee. As directed by the committee:
    • Reach out and broaden the awareness of MEMPC among potential employers
    • Nurture and grow strong community of corporate allies
    • Advance opportunities for corporate sponsorships of MEMPC programs and activities
  • Supporting Executive Committee
    • Join monthly Executive Committee conference calls
    • Scribe meetings
    • Maintain MEMPC archives
    • Recommend additional initiatives to advance the MEMPC cause

Skills and Competencies
The successful candidate will bring to the Executive Director position significant experience and evidence demonstrating their ability to simultaneously engage and interact with C-suite leaders in industry while also retaining the self-starting and attention to detail skills required to operate the day-to-day activities of a professional organization (with no direct support staff). Given the part time nature of the position, the ideal candidate will likely have significant experience in the technology industry, and is now seeking a part time position that can leverage their skills and relationships. Particular evidence of the following is desired:

  • Basic familiarity with non-profit corporate structures and operations
  • Familiarity with basic business accounting and accounting software (e.g. QuickBooks)
  • Strong verbal and written English language skills
  • Strong public speaking skills, able to command respect and engagement in both large public venues and one on one interactions
  • Strong organizational skills, both self-management and team management
  • Strong interpersonal skills, with experience persuading, negotiating, and influencing without authority across a broad spectrum of people and industries

Given the consortium’s activities may ebb and flow over time, the Executive Director will be paid on an hourly basis at a rate commensurate with their experiences. It is expected the position will require, on average, no more than 20 hours per week, but may require several full days per year of travel and on site meetings primarily in the United States. All travel expenses associated with MEMPC activities will be reimbursed. Since the consortium does not anticipate having a fixed office initially, the Executive Director can be based anywhere in the United States as long as they are able to join all meetings, both physical and virtual, as needed. Close proximity to MEMPC universities is desired, but not required.

Application Procedure
All applicants should submit their resumes and/or CV’s along with a letter articulating their interest in the position, what they bring to it, and why they will be a strong candidate to the MEMPC Executive Committee at: The application should also include at least 2 references that can speak to the applicant’s professional experience.

Applications will be accepted until March 1, 2018, or until the position is filled. Questions about the position can be forwarded to the email above.

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